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 From June 1th to September 30th, The Concell Insular de Formentera regulates the entry of motor vehicles on the island. See more.
During the restricted period, access, circulation and parking are not allowed to the following vehicles:
- Rental vehicles which have not been rented in Formentera
- Quads
- Caravans and campers
Remember that it is mandatory to access to the formentera.eco page.

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Elba Island ferryRoutes, ferry companies and offers

Ferry to Elba Island is the only means of transportation to the largest of the islands in the Tuscan Archipelago.
Only a few 13 nautical miles away from the mainland, it can be reached in a short time throughout the year. Elba island ferries take place only from the port of Piombino, which is also connected to Sardinia during the peak season.

The shortest and cheapest ferry to Elba Island is from Piombino to Cavo, taking 40 minutes by ferry and 15 minutes by hydrofoil.
The hydrofoil, after an initial stop at the port of Cavo, continues its journey to Portoferraio, creating a connection that is widely used especially by residents, who can reach the island's capital in just a few minutes, avoiding a journey of more than 40 minutes.
Elba, a highly demanded tourist destination from early spring through late September, welcomes more than 2 million tourists each year, requiring a significant increase in ferry runs compared to the winter months.
The busiest route is between the ports of Piombino and Portoferraio, exceeding 50 daily runs during summer. This route is traveled by both ferries and hydrofoils, with travel time ranging from 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the type of trip chosen.
A cheap and fast travel alternative is the ferries arriving at the port of Rio Marina on the central east side of the island. Trips are few even during the high season, with a maximum of 5 per day.

Ferry companies and routes
There are five companies traveling by ferries to Elba Island, three of which operate year-round.
Moby: the company connects the port of Piombino with the port of Portoferraio with a travel time of 1 hour.
Toremar: owns hydrofoils and ferries, with which it connects the ports of Rio Marina, Cavo and Portoferraio with Piombino.TIP: During high season Toremar hydrofoils runs the crossing Piombino Pianosa, a small heavenly island connected to Elba Island in less than 50 minutes.
BluNavy: has recently joined the year-round shipping companies, connecting the ports of Portoferraio and Piombino every day of the year with a sailing time of 1 hours.
Ferry to Elba travel every day of the year, providing a stable and reliable connection between Elba Island and the mainland. Ferries travel daytime only, with the first departure at 5 am. and the last at 8:30 pm. from Portoferraio. In the summer period, the last evening ferry runs at 9 pm.

Seasonal ferry companies
Elba Ferries: the company during the summer months, operates the famous among residents as "the yellow ship," a fast ferry that runs the Portoferraio Piombino route every day from June to September with a sailing time of 45 minutes.
Elba ferries ships also runs the Piombino Bastia route once a week, a perfect solution for traveling by ferry from the island of Elba to Corsica.
Aquavision: connects the minor ports of Elba Island with the other islands of the Tuscan archipelago and with the mainland only during the summer period. You will only be able to travel with Aquavision if you are without a vehicle, as its fleet consists only of hydrofoils, which are smaller and faster than classic ferries.
You will be able to travel from the port of San Vincenzo, in the province of Livorno, Tuscany and quickly reach the port of Porto Azzurro and Marciana Marina. The ride is the same and makes the various stops allowing passengers to disembark at the booked stop.
From the port of Piombino you can reach Marina di Campo, the most popular summer resort on the island.
Thanks to Aquavision you can also visit the island of Capraia starting from the port of Portoferraio or Marcina Marina, the island of Giglio starting from Porto Azzurro and the island of Pianosa leaving from Marina di Campo. NOTE: All Aquavision tickets must be compulsorily purchased round-trip.

Elba island ferries offers and promotions

  • Moby and Toremar: both companies offer the Parti Prima solution, a type of time-based discount that allows you to board a Moby or Toremar ferry earlier than the one you booked, subject to availability, without having to change your ticket.

  • BluNavy: offers the 'leave earlier or later' formula, valid for all departures and subject to availability, which allows you to leave at a time other than the scheduled departure time.

  • Hotel or appartment discount code: many of the facilities on the island of Elba have an agreement with MrFerry and offer their customers a discount code to apply when booking to get a discount on the ferry price.
    This type of discount is applicable to Moby and Toremar shipping companies.
    To take advantage of this discount the booking must be entered from the booking link provided by the facility where you will be staying. (On the hotel website)

  • Book in advance: to save up on your ferry to Elba island make sure to book your ferry ahead of time! Prices rise up drastically on high season and places on board run out quickly, specially if traveling by car.

Elba island ferry Check in and on board services

Check-in for Elba island ferries is required at least 30 minutes prior to departure time for both vehicles and foot passengers.
For hydrofoils, it will be sufficient to report to boarding 15 minutes before departure time. All tickets purchased on MrFerry are e-tickets, you will only need to show your ticket directly at embarkation without going through the port ticket office.
Don't forget to have the IDs of all passengers with you (infants included).

On board services

On trips on board the ferries to Elba, no accommodations are provided other than the bridge passage, which is indicated at the time of booking as "Standard."
This type of accommodation allows passengers to sit in all common areas of the ships both inside and outside. If traveling by hydrofoil, seating is mandatory and included in the ticket.

🧳 Luggage
Traveling by ferry you can carry as much luggage as you need without any limit, while traveling by hydrofoil you are allowed to carry a maximum of 10kg hand luggage on board.

🍴 Food and entertainment
Cafeteria service, ideal for breakfasts, coffee breaks and aperitifs, restaurants, children's play area and bathrooms are available on all ferries.

🚗 Vehicles
All ferries departing from Piombino or Bastia to the island of Elba are equipped with large garages used to transport vehicles of various sizes such as cars, campers, motorcycles, minibuses, scooters and bicycles. If you are traveling for business with a van over 6mt in length you will need to make a "freight" reservation in order to receive an appropriate quote.

Passengers with reduced mobility may request assistance with boarding and disembarking procedures and use of the elevator if needed.
Tip: Operate hazard lights during boarding to signal the need for assistance to boarding attendants.

🐾 Pets
Your pet is welcome aboard ferries to Elba Island. Remember to include it when making your reservation and keep it on a leash at all times. Veterinary documentation may be required upon boarding.

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Elba Island Ferry Frequently Asked Questions

In order to get to the island, the port of departure from the mainland is the port of Piombino, from which many Elba Island ferries depart.

If you have a Moby or Toremar ticket marked PARTI PRIMA you can safely board, subject to availability, one of the company's ferries present. The same applies to Blu Navy tickets that have the PARTI PRIMA OR DOPO option, in which case the ticket is active for all departures on the same day made by the same company and, again subject to availability, you Iwill be able to safely board one of the ferries with a different schedule.

Yes, bars are available on board all ferries where snacks and drinks can be consumed.

Offers and special prices for large groups

Mr Ferry can calculate you some quotes for large groups with or without vehicle (bus, but also car or motorbike). If you are at least 10 people travelling, please ask for a special price by filling out the specific form. Our staff will contact you soon to calculate the best available offer!

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