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Mr ferry affiliate marketing program


Improve your business through Mr Ferry

Would you like to offer your clients a maritime ticket office service and earn from the reservations? Affiliate yourself to MrFerry!

By subscribing to the Partner Program you will be able to offer on your web site, all the services of MrFerry to your customers and for each ferry ticket bought by your clients, you will get a percentage on the sale.

To include MrFerry in your website is easy and quick: your webmaster will have only to cut and paste to insert it on a page of your website and in a few minutes the maritime ticket office will be operative and functioning.



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Free, flexible and customisable

The MrFerry Partner Program is completely free: there are no entrance fees or taxes to add our services on your website.

You can choose the integration form you prefere between links, banners, iframe or white label. MrFerry adapts itself to the space of your website you allotted for it and is completely responsive: also the maritime ticket service you will have in your website will be navigable on smartphones and mobile devices.

The iframe and the white label obtain the look and feel of your website thanks to the customization you can apply on the colors, the elements and the products you decide to sell, so that the maritime ticket service will obtain the appareance of your website and will match perfectly with your design.

You earn, we do the rest!

The ferry bookings your clients complete in your website will be totally menaged by us, from the processing of the quote to the payment and the shipping of the ticket to the client. You will be able to check the sales and the profits in your privat area.

MrFerry does not need maintenance: your webmaster will not have to update the service because each development, each new integration or improvement of the booking’s system and of the bookeable products will be athomatically repeated and will be available in your website as well.