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Ferries Lanzarote

Canary Islands
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 From June 1th to September 30th, The Concell Insular de Formentera regulates the entry of motor vehicles on the island. See more.
During the restricted period, access, circulation and parking are not allowed to the following vehicles:
- Rental vehicles which have not been rented in Formentera
- Quads
- Caravans and campers
Remember that it is mandatory to access to the formentera.eco page.

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Lanzarote is the northeasternmost island in the Canary Islands and the closest to the coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Geologically, it is the oldest island and was formed by volcanic eruptions about 180 million years ago.

Looking at its landscape, its origins are no mystery: Lanzarote is dotted from north to south with volcanic cones, and its black rocks bear witness to the continuous eruptions (the last one between 1730 and 1736, from the Timanfaya volcano) that shaped the island's appearance over the millennia.

You won't just find desolate expanses of red and black earth here! The Saharan winds that blow over Lanzarote have created coves and beaches of golden sand, a treasure trove for those who decided to invest in the construction and hotel industry in the second half of the 20th century.

When you visit Lanzarote for a few days, you cannot help but notice that what makes it truly unique is its people and the way they have adapted their lifestyle to the island to make the most of its value. It is impossible not to notice the bright green experimental crops of vines, legumes and cereals, which make the most of the richness of the volcanic soils as opposed to the aridity of the land. And you cannot help but be carried away by its culture, gastronomic traditions and unmistakable lifestyle.

All this will make your stay in Lanzarote much more than just a vacation: the variety of landscapes, the extraordinarily sunny and mild climate, the range of activities for all ages and tastes, the efficiency of services and the simple genuineness of its inhabitants will make you never want to leave.

🚢 Getting to Lanzarote by ferry

One of the ways to get to Lanzarote is by ferry. Weekly ferries depart from the Spanish mainland throughout the year. You can choose from:

 •  Ferries from Cadiz to Arrecife

 • ferries from Huelva to Arrecife

There are currently no ferry routes from other countries.
However, if you are in another of the Canary Islands, there are many indirect connections that take you to Lanzarote:

from Fuerteventura : Playa Blanca-Corralejo and Puerto del Rosario-Arrecife routes.

from Gran Canaria : Las Palmas-Arrecife route.

from Tenerife : Santa Cruz de Tenerife-Arrecife route.

The last port to mention is Órzola, which has daily connections to the islet of La Graciosa.

Where to stay in Lanzarote

Lanzarote is not very large, but it has several areas worth considering when choosing where to stay:

Playa Blanca: on the southern coast, has the highest temperatures on the island and is sheltered from the winds. It also offers beautiful beaches such as Playa de Papagayo, Playa Dorada and Playa Blanca itself. It is an area with many amenities and quiet, so it is ideal if you are traveling with family or looking for an area to stay that is convenient and close to everything. Thanks to the nearby port, it is also perfect if you decide to include Fuerteventura in your itinerary.

Puerto del Carmen: On the southeastern coast, this is the most popular resort. It is perfect if you are looking for fun and nightlife, but you can also use it as a base for venturing into Timanfaya National Park. There is no shortage of beaches here either, such as Playa Chica and Playa Grande.

Arrecife: north of Puerto del Carmen, it is the island's capital and most important port. Here you can savor local life in the many restaurants and immerse yourself in culture in the narrow streets of the old town. The main beach is Playa del Reducto, one of the most beautiful in Lanzarote, highly regarded for its facilities and calm, crystal-clear waters.

Caleta de Famara: located to the west, it lies in a small gulf wedged between the Atlantic and Risco de Famara. It is a paradise for windsurfers and kitesurfers, thanks to the winds that blow constantly along the coast. The village is small and the area is much less bustling, making it ideal for retreating from the hustle and bustle and enjoying the relaxed pace of life for which the Canary Islands are world famous.

You haven't packed your bags yet, read on for all the details on ferry connections to/from Lanzarote!

Ferries to Lanzarote Connections and travel options

If you have decided to take a ferry to reach your destination in Lanzarote, you have many advantages!

The Naviera Armas company operates the routes from Huelva and Cadiz. Although the crossing is quite long, about 26 hours, the ships used are the largest and most modern in the fleet, so your time on board will pass quickly!

The domestic routes are operated by Naviera Armas, but the Playa Blanca-Corralejo route is also served by Fred. Olsen Express and Líneas Romero.

You can stay in the seat included in your reservation, but for added comfort we recommend adding a private cabin, with toilet facilities for your exclusive use, which you can always reserve on longer crossings.

Planning a road trip to Lanzarote? Another advantage that only the ferry can give you is that you can bring your own vehicle. These routes have ample garages that can accommodate any type of vehicle-cars, motorcycles, RVs, and vans. However, availability almost always sells out quickly, so we recommend that you book your ticket as soon as possible.

Finally, if you are traveling with a pet, you will know how complicated air travel can be! Ferries to Arrecife allow you to take your four-legged friend with you without any problems. If you want your pet to accompany you at all times, we recommend the pet-friendly cabin option, which is always best booked in advance. Alternatively, you can reserve a place in the on-board kennel, which is accessible during the crossing. There is also an outdoor walking area.

Did we forget something?  Check out our Frequently Asked Questions s or contact our customer service team.

Offers and special prices for large groups

Mr Ferry can calculate you some quotes for large groups with or without vehicle (bus, but also car or motorbike). If you are at least 10 people travelling, please ask for a special price by filling out the specific form. Our staff will contact you soon to calculate the best available offer!

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